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  1. Green Chillies

    Lemons are high in vitamin C,Fiber and various beneficial plant compounds.These nutrients are responsible for several health benefits.In fact lemon may support heart health,weight control and digestive health.Lemons are bright, fresh, astringent, acidic, tart, puckering, and zesty. The ratio depends on the lemon’s subgroup: acid, or sour. Acid lemons do not have the same mouth-puckering quality as the sour types, but they still provide the same bright, astringent quality common to all lemons.Lemon juice in its raw state overwhelms taste buds with a sharp, refreshing citrusy flavor. Unlike oranges and kumquats, the fruit has no hint of sugar: Few consume whole lemons out of hand. Some variants, however, are more subdued in its puckering bite than others—such is the case with the small marble-sized lemons placed atop beverages.
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  2. Fresh Red Onion

    Big Onions form the fourth most important commercial crop in India and the country is the second largest onion growing country in the world. Indian onions are famous for their pungency and strong aroma and are available round the year.We are topmost Red Onion Exporters from India. We procure Indian Red Onion from well-known agriculturists and framers that assure our customers of our authenticity. These onions are uniform in size. Our fresh red onions add rich flavour and texture to any cuisine. The quantity and packing is done as per customer specification.
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  3. Fresh Ginger

    People typically use fresh ginger in cooking and same take ginger supplements fo their possible health benefits,Antioxidants and other nutrients in ginger may help prevent or treat arthritis,inflammation and various types of infection.The aroma and taste are mild, while the outer skin and inner flesh retain a soft tender texture. As the ginger matures the texture hardens, the aroma becomes pungent and the flavor becomes spicy.Researchers have also studied its potential to reduce the risk of diabetes,Cancer and other health problems.
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